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Bill Stauffer, Author at Eco-Story
LED Lighting Products | Contact us (207) 699-5727
LED Lighting Products | Contact us (207) 699-5727

Author archive for Bill Stauffer

  • Jan242017

    Why Not LED’s for your house?

    Replacing one old fashioned 60W to 100W incandescent lamp in your house with an LED lamp will save you...

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  • Jul072016

    Instructions for an Outdoor Shower

    When my wife asked me to install an outdoor shower for the kids to use after being at the...

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  • May042016

    Another Way Clark Griswold Could Have Paid For That Pool…

    In the movie Christmas Vacation, Chevy Chase’s character, Clark Griswold, installed 25,000 Christmas lights.  Since we know that this...

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